The Beginner’s Guide to Losing Body Fat

The Beginner’s Guide to Losing Body Fat

Are you just starting out on your weight loss journey and have quite a lot of body fat to lose?
This email is for those of you who are just at the beginning of your journey and need some helpful hints and tips to get you started.


1. Start out very basic:  By Cleaning up your Diet. 

Eliminate processed food, dairy, gluten, wheat and any food that you know causes inflammation and bloating. Also, eliminate starchy sugary foods such as white bread and pasta, and replace them with gluten-free oats, sweet potato and brown rice.

There is no counting calories, no weighing of food, just simply cleaning up your diet.  You eat food that runs, swims, is grown in the ground or it can be plucked out of a tree. Very simple.


2. The next step is to set a Protein Goal.

Simply use your lean body weight (total scale weight minus your body fat percentage) and multiply this by 2.5 grams per kg (this is a starting point, yes I do work up to 3 and even 4 grams per kg of body weight but this is a starting point). All you have to do is make sure you hit that total amount every day.

So for someone who has a lean body weight of 60 kg, they will need 150 grams of protein spread out throughout the day.


3. Eat a portion of essential fat with each meal.

This could simply be a drizzle of olive oil over vegetables or salad, a few nuts, or to cook with a teaspoon of coconut oil. The essential fats are not just vital for hormonal and cell health, they should make up at least 20% of your daily calorie intake. Low-calorie eating is a major reason why people don’t lose body fat.


4. Hit a water goal.
I make sure everyone I work with drinks at least 2 – 3 liters per day.

These first tips along with training a minimum of 3 times a week, will help you see very good results. There will come a time when you start to stall, this is where a consistent food diary will come in like my fitness pal.


5. Make a Record of your food daily.

This will show how consistent you are being.

Inconsistency leads to poor results. So this next step is to just make sure you remain consistent at all times.


6. If you have been exercising 3 times per week: This is the time when you could add in another session.

This extra session will produce another level of results.

So you see, you don’t have to be all that fancy, you don’t have to count everything at the start, you just have to do the basics and make sure you remain consistent. As you get leaner, and you lose weight, then you do have to become slightly more specific to see more results.


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