Is alcohol good for you (physically 😉)?

Not really, especially not in large amounts

Is drinking going to help you with your weight loss? NOPE ❌… ⠀

Do you have to drink alcohol? Nope again ❌ ⠀

Do you have to avoid it entirely when you’re losing weight? Absolutely not! ✅ ⠀

Alcohol is nothing more than extra calories. This is not the best for WEIGHT LOSS — not necessarily overall health 😉) although 1g or 1ml of alcohol equals 7 CALORIES.

The problem with liquid calories is they don’t make you feel full, they have little to no nutrients, and if you drink too much you will get a whole lot of unwanted physical & mental side effects 😨


If you’re heading out and want to keep the calories as low as possible choose liquor + a zero-calorie mixer Coke zero.
If you plan on drinking 5+ drinks, go with vodka/tequila and a coke zero or whiskey on the rocks peaky blinders style and here’s another benefit of drinking liquor & a low-cal mixer, not only do you get the same, maybe a little more alcohol for less calories but it’s also easier to pace yourself so you don’t get to messed up while everyone else is on drink number 2.

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