Gym Anxiety – Do you suffer with anxiety?

Gym Anxiety – Do you suffer with anxiety?

Do you suffer with anxiety around the gym? 

Here’s some things that have helped me overcome anxiety inside and outside the gym.


Watch your caffeine intake. ☕️‼️


Caffeine’s stimulant effects, while great for energising your workout when your anxiety levels are LOW, it’s not so great when they’re already HIGH. 


Coffee/ Caffeine will increase your heart rate and blood pressure. 

Similar effects to anxiety. 

Add the two together and you could be in trouble. 


It might be best to avoid caffeine entirely on days where you feel a bit more anxious. 

It’s better to feel a bit sleepy in your workout than a panicked or no workout!


In short, don’t neck two monsters or a coffee on your way to the gym!


2️⃣ Listen to calming/repetitive music. 💆‍♀️🎵

I sometimes listen to one single song which makes me happy, that’s not too heavy! No metallica yet! 🤟 


➡️ Listen to a song that’s uplifting, familiar and can create a feeling of safety.


Alternatively, listen to a concentration/work playlist.

I’ve a few playlists which works well both for getting shit done and for gym anxiety. 


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3️⃣ Go in with a plan.

When you know exactly what you’re in the gym to do, and what equipment you’ll need, it’s much easier to stay calm. 


You’ll spend less time messing around and you’ll be able to get out of there quicker too. It’s a win win ☺️


Pro tip – Following a programme is a good idea even if you don’t experience gym anxiety!


4️⃣ Don’t expect the workout to be perfect. Not every day is gonna be full of PBs and/or feel like the best workout of your life! 


When you’re anxious, going to the gym is a big thing, so just showing up and ticking the box is enough.

And you should be proud of yourself for doing so.


➡️ Get help from a coach / personal trainer


A coach can help you 

every step on the way. 

Having a coach in your corner

will help you smash your goals


I hope this helped some people out there and remember in the gym nobody cares, they are too busy checking themselves out in the mirror or checking Instagram between sets! 


Go get it