Get strong training at home

Get strong training at home

Anyone who says you can’t build muscle or get strong training at home is wrong!


We all went through the lockdowns in 2020.


So odds are you’ve had to work out from home before.


And you’ll probably remember that lifting with just a dumbbell or a tin of beans was not the best equipment ever 


Especially when you couldn’t leave all day and knowing that an air-conditioned gym, kitted out with squat racks, barbells and cable machines was impossible to get to.


Home workouts get a bad rap nowadays.


People are convinced that unless you can deadlift or squat heavy weights…


Or have access to a bunch of fancy equipment…


Building a strong and muscular physique is impossible.


But if you’re a busy parent, working crazy hours who’s strapped for time


Or you’re worried that everyone will stare at and judge you in the gym


Or just hate the gym because no one knows how to wipe down and clean a machine then training at home might be your only option and maybe the best one for now


(Other than doing nothing that is, doing nothing is always an option, it’s just NOT a very good one)


Lucky for you, your muscles don’t have a clue where you’re training.


They only care about you working them hard enough.


So as long as you’ve got a pair of dumbbells or a resistance band or anything that can put load, stress on the muscle they will grow.


You can build a strong and muscular physique at home, school, in the office or wherever you want to 


You might just need to make a few small changes and lucky for you i’ve made a list below 


✅Rest less between sets (30-60 seconds) Still will save time also meaning a lunchtime workout wouldn’t be out of the question

✅Choose single leg/arm movements 

✅Higher rep sets (20-30) Feel the burn 

✅Do more sets per exercise to add volume to your training 

Not sure where to start with building your programme?


Want to take the guesswork out of your sessions?


Want the peace of mind that you’re home training won’t be a total waste of time?


Then complement that training with an effective nutrition plan that allows you to create a lean and defined physique without stupid fad diets?


My at home & bodyweight plans can help you do this, 


30 minutes Workouts 


Easy to follow on my app, videos included 


Nutrition plan that helps you build out your own plan 


Recipe ebooks 


Most important accountability from Seán to keep you on track and make any changes if needed 


Book in for a free chat today! 


Remember nothing is stopping you from making amazing strength and muscular gains from the comfort of your living room.


Talk soon