Feeling Bored or Unmotivated During Lockdown?

Feeling Bored or Unmotivated During Lockdown?

As we’re coming to the end of lockdown and the end of the year it’s a good time to reflect on what direction our lives have been moving in so far, and the current position we find ourselves in.

For many, boredom will be setting in – tediously staring at the same walls and watching the days go by, whilst complaining to family and friends that “there’s nothing to do”.

I believe that boredom is self-inflicted. Boredom is a by-product of being uninspired by the environment that you find yourself in, and this can quickly have a downstream effect on your mental and emotional health.

Ever notice yourself getting snappy at those around you? Feelings of frustration for no reason in particular? If you can relate to this and would like some help on how to find inspiration, escape boredom, and feel more fulfilled, then keep reading.

  • Set a goal that you’d like to have achieved before coming out of quarantine or before the end of the year. The timeframe is important as it introduces a low level of urgency to accompany the goal, meaning you’re going to commit more time to achieve it. Make the goal challenging, but possible. Let your creative mind flow.


  • Change your environment. And I don’t mean go outside! Change where you spend most of your time within the house. Try working in different rooms, listening to different music, and wearing different clothes. The psychology of our surroundings heavily influences our behavior within that environment. If you wear pajamas all day, you’re not likely to be motivated to do anything out of the ordinary! Plan your day the night before. Using a journal or diary, make a commitment to yourself by writing a list of your tasks for the following day, and then stick to it. This will not only increase productivity but also develop a high level of discipline by taking action on what you said you would do.


  • Find others that inspire you. We don’t mean those that make you wish you were more like them but instead inspire you to be a better version of yourself. Remember to find those in a similar position to yourself, as they will face the same challenges as you! Notice how they spend their time, reach out to them for advice, and even set out on your own path to inspire others.


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