What to do when you lose motivation for the gym. 


Motivation is a finite resource , we’ve all heard this before.


This is something I tell my clients upon signing up. 


I believe it’s an important thing to understand as we’re exposed to countless motivational videos, posts, reel etc across social media. 


A lot of us have failed because of the pressure we put on themselves to remain motivated 24/7.


The truth is that no-one is truly motivated every minute of every day, not everyone has an undying love for the gym, nor do they have to.


With that said, if you feel you are struggling to find your ‘gym motivation’, here are 4 tips that will help you shift your mindset and avoid the next slump.


Only think about what is necessary


This will remove the non-essential bits from your head. Whether that be nutrition or training. At no point within your journey do you want to get emotionally attached to a certain method of dieting or training, as this could lead to sacrificing areas of your life that you don’t need to, and therefore make the journey unnecessarily more difficult. 


For example, the main thing you need to lose weight is a calorie deficit, so becoming attached to a form of dieting such as the Ketogenic diet, low carb, intermitted fasting or whatever, will serve no purpose other than to restrict yourself and your social life and making it harder for you to adhere to the diet. 


Get rid of the all-or-nothing mindset


People who follow the all-or-nothing approach along their journey are at risk of developing a love-hate relationship with the process. One week you’ll be on it! The next you’ll be off track and pressing the F**k it button. Remember the basics they are the foundation of everything. Get the basics right and you’ll be able to reduce the pressure you put on yourself whilst still achieving brilliant results.


Only compare yourself to yourself 


Comparing ourselves with others is something we’re all guilty of. You only need to look at social media for this. 

However, we need to change that internal dialogue to a positive internal dialogue.


It’s not self-flattery, but instead a word of self-encouragement that you ARE MAKING PROGRESS from where you were. You should celebrate the little wins day to day. That can be going the gym, getting a walk or run in or not having that extra biscuit. 


It’s not something that comes naturally to us, most of us are far quicker to see what we haven’t achieved than to acknowledge what we have. Read that again please.   


Invest in a coach, trainer, someone that can help you


This might sound obvious but there are those of us that are still extremely resistant to the help of others when it comes to health and fitness. One of the most common reasons people invest in coaching is for the accountability, because if you’re struggling for motivation or feeling accountable to yourself, you’ve now got someone else to give you that drive that might be missing.


It’s not mentioned too frequently by those achieving amazing results, but most journeys don’t start smoothly and there can be many speed bumps along the way.


Remember that once you start seeing the results and evidence of your efforts, things will change. 


Suddenly the gym won’t seem so intimidating. 

Skipping the takeaways becomes far easier. 

Drinking alcohol doesn’t seem so appealing anymore.


So, take that first step, trust the process, be consistent.


Would you like to get in shape?