5 ways to build a habit 


Start small: Pick a habit that is relatively easy to perform and build up to more complex habits over time.

E.g Want to get more steps in. 

Start by doing a 5 minute walk and build on it. 


Make it a routine: Incorporate the habit into your daily routine, such as doing it at the same time every day.


E.g Want to read more? 

Read 2 pages before bed. 


Use triggers: Associate the habit with an event or time of day to serve as a reminder to perform the habit.

E.g – Want to drink more water? 

Boil the kettle, drink a glass of water 💦

Track your progress: 

Keep a log or journal to monitor your progress and hold yourself accountable.

A notebook 📓 

Notes on your phone 🤳

Or the habit section on my app 🙌


Be consistent: 

Consistency is key, so try to perform the habit every day or as often as possible until it becomes a regular part of your routine.


If you want help with build some habits just drop me a message and let’s get working on it. 


I help my clients build daily habits that compound over the weeks and months. 


Let’s do it! 


Seán “Habit” Power