Fail to Plan Plan to Fail

Are you ready to smash your week? Planning your week is an essential step in staying on top of things It can help you prioritize your tasks. Manage your time more effectively, Reduce your stress levels   Here are some tips for planning your week: Set goals for the week. Start by identifying the most […]

Menopause and Exercise

Menopause is Not talked about in the fitness industry enough. I’ve trained so many women over the years who have been going through menopause. At the start of my personal training career I was scared to even mention the word menopause or period, I was embarrassed, imagine a 21 year old personal trainer talking about […]

5 ways to break a habit 

5 ways to break a habit    Identify triggers: Understand the situations or emotions that trigger the habit, so you can avoid or prepare for them.   Replace the habit: Instead of trying to stop the habit outright, try replacing it with a more positive behavior.   Keep yourself accountable: Share your goal with someone […]

5 Ways to Build a Habit

5 ways to build a habit    Start small: Pick a habit that is relatively easy to perform and build up to more complex habits over time. E.g Want to get more steps in.  Start by doing a 5 minute walk and build on it.    Make it a routine: Incorporate the habit into your […]

Benefits of lifting weights over the age of 60

If you’re over 60 or you know someone who is almost due the free travel….Read this! The benefits of lifting weights over the age of 60 (or at any age) Before I start I should say that you’re never too old to start so form of exercise.My clients age from 16 to 86 years old […]

Fat loss made easy

Many of you are just starting out on your fat loss plans but if you’re not and you don’t want to do some crazy diet I’m going to give you some simple steps to follow everyday that will help you lose body fat and keep it off. We all know losing fat can be a […]

Simple steps for fat loss

Losing fat can be a challenging task at any age, but it can be especially difficult for people over the age of 30 and beyond.    That being said, it is still possible to lose fat and improve your body composition at any age.    Here are a few tips to help you get started: […]